None of us wants to think about our death, but in truth it is inevitable for us all, therefore something we should all plan for.  “Preparing for the worst can help avoid extra grief if a partner dies” comments Rita Malhi, Solicitor at Thornes.  

Rita explains “couples who are not married but choose to live together do not have the same recognition in law as married couples.  Whatever the reason a couple has decided not to marry and no matter how long they have lived together it makes no difference, a partner will not automatically inherit the others assets such as house or savings and personal effects will not automatically be passed to the other unless there is a legally binding Will in place.”  

“At Thornes, we encourage clients every day to decide together and be clear on their respective wishes so they can both be sure what will happen following their death, and that their loved ones will be looked after.  It is often one of the most difficult conversation we can have with the person we care about the most however, it is very important that we all do so” stresses Rita.  

By enlisting Thornes assistance in preparing a Will, Thornes will ensure that your assets pass in accordance with your wishes and the team will offer advice and guidance throughout the process.  Thornes Solicitors is proud to have been working with local people for almost 150 years from the centre of Wolverhampton.

To talk to a member of the Thornes Wills and Probate Team call 01902 313311.